Our Ethos


“I was alive in the woods while, being dead, I was singing sweetly”

Violins and other stringed instruments do, in fact, have personalities. This unique voice is comprised of many factors: borrowing from the species of wood, the specific mineral content drawn from the soil, the ambient temperatures in which the tree was grown–coupled with the craftsman’s expertise in shaping the wood into a playable instrument, and a myriad of other factors, all play a part in creating the personality found in an instrument.

Additionally, pairing a bow to an instrument adds a new layer to this personality. It can serve to either draw out and enhance the voice of the instrument, or stifle it.

Finally, the most important aspect is marrying this couple to a person whose technique, training, style, and even body chemistry interact with each element to create one voice.

At New Orleans Violins, we have focused our attention on creating this singular voice. We have spent years studying the interactions of materials, craftsmanship and players. The player’s personality ultimately triumphs as the chief in this relationship. Our expertise is in facilitating the best possible performance of these variable components.

We look forward to being of service to serious students and professional musicians.

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